We love Hullabaloo because...........


"I've taken both my children to Hullabaloo for the last five years and it's always a real highlight of the week. Now I've gone back to work it gives me an hour of precious quality time with my little boy Sebastian and we always have a giggle together. Great fun and great memories"  Emma


"We Love absorbing the happiness and fun atmosphere."


"We Love interacting with other children." 


"It's friendly, it's fun, it's a great way to meet other mums and tots."


"The activities/songs are great for the age group."


"The props are fantastic, so is the choice of music."


"We love finishing at home the colouring/sticking, etc. activities ."


"The relaxed but noticeably professional teaching style and management of the class."


"We enjoy the loud jumping up and down, marching activities."


"I love bubbles."


"The topics/themes are just what James is interested in. We love the relaxed atmosphere and never knowing what to expect ....... You always have great surprises!"


"Even though I don't go with T to music (he goes with his child minder) I can see how much he loves music, singing and instruments because of it. He sings the songs, does actions, loves shaking, banging, and rattling things, claps at the end of songs and joins in songs he sees on telly and out and about. He also tries to flap sheets, towels and clothes with objects on them that then 'jump' just like the multicoloured parachute. Thanks."


"We like the catchy new songs and old favourites! I's favourite = biscuits and shakey egg! Mum's favourite = watching her face when the bubble machine starts."


"It's brilliant!"


"We love singing!"


"It's great fun!"


"E loves all the different resources and enjoys the songs and music too."


"We look forward to it each session and think it's worth every single penny. Well done Mel. It's a great business and long may it continue."


"Thank you so much for the great party bag. I've played with all the bits alot and especially love the ribbons and thank you for making my party so special. Mummy has told me that it was the best party that one of my friends had ever been to and another of my friends said that it was a very special party. We had lots and lots of fun - Thank you."


6th June -11th July 2013 


Hullabaloo Music will be popping up at

 Meavy and Yelverton Pre-School


*Sessions are open to all Preschool age children, so come along and join in the fun every Thursday from 6th June - 11th July*


Session from 10.00 - 10.45 followed by snacks and drinks for children, tea/coffee for grown ups! all for just £2.50!


For more information contact Yelverton and Meavy Pre School

01822 855844 (during sessions)
01752 790881 (out of hours)




Hullabaloo can come to your choice of venue and provide 30 minutes of musical, sensory magic for just *£30 or 45 minutes for £45.

Hullabaloo Music are available to run Pop Up sessions for Preschools, Toddler Groups, Children's Centres or for groups of parents, carers or childminders who want a Hullabaloo session in their weekly coffee get togethers.

*Sessions are for a minimum of 6 children working out at £5 per person per 30 mins and a maximum of 20 children working out at just £1.50 per person per 30 mins. The more friends club together the cheaper the session for everyone!

Discounts available if more than 2 sessions are booked at the same time.