Pre-School and Nursery Sessions


Hullabaloo Music Sessions for Pre-Schools and Nurseries include action songs and rhymes; songs using puppets; percussion instruments, parachute games, dressing up, bubbles and other props. The aim is to learn about music in an age-appropriate way, whilst having lots of fun!


Programmes can be tailored to include special requirements, such as particular themes being followed in the nursery.



Why Book a Hullabaloo Music Session?


The Hullabaloo experience is much more than just a music session. Through our topics children learn about the world around us in a fun and interactive way. Activities have included making butter to eat on crackers at snack time, planting sunflower and pumpkin seeds, tasting food from around the world and trying on a real Chinese Dragon costume!

Hullabaloo Music classes can be themed with topics including 'Commotion in the Ocean,' 'Down in the Jungle,' 'Farmyard Hullabaloo,' ‘Groove around the Globe’ and ‘Groovers on Manoeuvres’. We can also theme sessions around celebrations and events, such as Christmas, Easter, Diwali and Chinese New Year.


Hullabaloo Music sessions support the Early Years Foundation Stage and it’s six areas of learning and explore important musical elements such as:

pulse - beat of the music

pitch - higher and lower sounds

duration - longer and shorter sounds

dynamics - louder and quieter sounds

tempo - faster and slower

timbre - different types of sound quality

texture - one sound or several layers of soundstructure - the organisation of sounds


From movement and drama based activities through to a more in depth exploration of musical elements, the sessions include aspects of music making up to Key Stage 1 and are individually tailored to fit in with your curriculum and activities within the nursery. 

We will supply all necessary equipment and musical instruments and provide an educational and fun session!


We can also provide Christmas/end of term parties.




Hullabaloo has worked with:


Tavistock Children's Centre

Whitchurch Community Pre-School

Tamar Valley Pre-School

St Cleer Pre-School

Gulworthy and Lamerton Pre-School

Milton Abbot Under Fives

Meavy and Yelverton Pre School


 To discuss your requirements please contact Mel:



Tel: 01822 617351


6th June -11th July 2013 


Hullabaloo Music will be popping up at

 Meavy and Yelverton Pre-School


*Sessions are open to all Preschool age children, so come along and join in the fun every Thursday from 6th June - 11th July*


Session from 10.00 - 10.45 followed by snacks and drinks for children, tea/coffee for grown ups! all for just £2.50!


For more information contact Yelverton and Meavy Pre School

01822 855844 (during sessions)
01752 790881 (out of hours)




Hullabaloo can come to your choice of venue and provide 30 minutes of musical, sensory magic for just *£30 or 45 minutes for £45.

Hullabaloo Music are available to run Pop Up sessions for Preschools, Toddler Groups, Children's Centres or for groups of parents, carers or childminders who want a Hullabaloo session in their weekly coffee get togethers.

*Sessions are for a minimum of 6 children working out at £5 per person per 30 mins and a maximum of 20 children working out at just £1.50 per person per 30 mins. The more friends club together the cheaper the session for everyone!

Discounts available if more than 2 sessions are booked at the same time.