About us


Hullabaloo Music classes are planned and run independently by me, Melanie Crosher, so all the classes are a totally unique experience. I feel very lucky to be able to spend my working days having such fun.

Alongside running Hullabaloo Music I work on a supply cover basis at a local Pre school and regularly help out at my children's school. This has recently involved Clarinet tuition with Years 5 and 6.

I am a Mum of three children aged 9, 7 and 4 years. Prior to having my children I worked as a Primary School teacher for eleven years, specialising in working with children in the early years and later gaining the position of Acting Headteacher. I have been responsible for music in all the schools I have taught in. This involved running music activities such as choir, recorders and an Indian drumming club. I also played the piano for school assemblies and concerts. I can also play the clarinet and church organ!

After having my second child, I wanted to be able to combine my love of teaching and music with being a full-time mum and so in September 2006 I created Hullabaloo Music. My own children are all Hullabaloo graduates, who have now progressed onto learning the violin, piano and singing in the wonderful Horrabridge School Choir!

As a teacher and a Mum, I know that children learn best through play. Hullabaloo Music Classes are not intended to be serious music sessions. The emphasis is on having lots of fun with music in a structured yet relaxed atmosphere.

Through teaching I have observed that children's learning is strongly linked to their emotional well-being. The classes aim to enhance social interaction and create a sense of security.

Hullabaloo Classes are not just enjoyable for children, they are fun for adults too!

Hullabaloo Music provides the opportunity for young children and their parents/carers to enjoy music, rhythm and dance and above all to have fun.

6th June -11th July 2013 


Hullabaloo Music will be popping up at

 Meavy and Yelverton Pre-School


*Sessions are open to all Preschool age children, so come along and join in the fun every Thursday from 6th June - 11th July*


Session from 10.00 - 10.45 followed by snacks and drinks for children, tea/coffee for grown ups! all for just £2.50!


For more information contact Yelverton and Meavy Pre School

01822 855844 (during sessions)
01752 790881 (out of hours)




Hullabaloo can come to your choice of venue and provide 30 minutes of musical, sensory magic for just *£30 or 45 minutes for £45.

Hullabaloo Music are available to run Pop Up sessions for Preschools, Toddler Groups, Children's Centres or for groups of parents, carers or childminders who want a Hullabaloo session in their weekly coffee get togethers.

*Sessions are for a minimum of 6 children working out at £5 per person per 30 mins and a maximum of 20 children working out at just £1.50 per person per 30 mins. The more friends club together the cheaper the session for everyone!

Discounts available if more than 2 sessions are booked at the same time.